Ruling of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania on Law on Citizenship and related legal acts

The Constitutional Court of Lithuania ruled that provisions of the Law on Citizenship and related legal acts are contravening the Constitution. The Constitutional Court ruled that it was necessary to narrow the circle of persons that could seek dual citizenship as it was a widespread phenomenon rather than a very rare exception as it had to be. In the court’s words, this has happened due to gradual expansion of the circle of persons who can have Lithuanian and another country’s citizenship. The Constitutional Court stated that by passing the law stipulating that citizenship could be granted by way of derogation when it was related to public interests or the putting of Lithuania’s name on the map by representing Lithuania, the parliament groundlessly expanded the circle of persons who could have dual citizenship. The court stated that the provision saying that a person willing to get Lithuanian citizenship back did not have to renounce another country’s citizenship contravened the Constitution as well.